Anna Gabo. Artist, designer, and writer/journalist.

1994 – 1998
Riga Pushkin lyceum

1998 – 2001
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Formal and informal professional education

21 April 2022
Weareshifta by ELISAVA
Webinar “Cómo gestionar clientes en agencia de publicidad”

21 April 2022
Webinar “Data Tracking: Privacy and you” by Scandiweb

Weareshifta by ELISAVA
Webinar “Diseño editorial: Dos libros y medio” by Albert Romagosa

3 February 2021
IE School of Architecture and Design
Webinar “The Importance of Interior Design in 2021”

3 February 2021
IE Europe
Webinar “Artistic Mindset for the Business Professional”

20 January 2020
Weareshifta by ELISAVA
Webinar “El proceso creativo dentro de una agencia”

23 November 2020
FAD, Barcelona, Spain
FAD Fòrum “El gènere del disseny”

23 November 2020
Barcelona centre de Disseny, Barcelona, Spain

24 November 2020
Weareshifta by ELISAVA

19 November 2020
ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain
Weareshifta webinar “Crear sin restricciones digitales”

19 November 2020
Barcelona centre de Disseny, Barcelona, Spain
Online presentation and discussion “Educació emergent en situació de pandèmia”

18 November 2020
ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain
Online conference “Crafts Now”

Photography workshop in Corbi, Romania

1997 – 1998
Riga art school

1987 – 1988
Private drawing lessons

Select VJ performances
September, 2017
@D27, Riga, Latvia
with Uncles Bundle

August 2017
@Piens, Piena Svetki, Riga, Latvia
with Uncles Bundle

August 2017
@KKC, Riga, Latvia
with Bombay and Selffish

July 2017
@Mala, Cesis, Latvia
with Uncles Bundle

February 2016
@Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia
with Platon Buravicky

December 2014
@Aristīds, Riga, Latvia
with Heincha

15 December 2012
@Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs, Riga, Latvia
with Rasols event

7 March 2009
@Space:Garage, Riga, Latvia
with Dasha Rush

27 Februaty 2009
@Space:Garage, Riga, Latvia
with Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor

30 January 2009
@Space:Garage, Riga, Latvia
with Katya Ryba, Korablove, Andrei Oid

Music videos
Atpūta for Bolega Meitas track, released on 15 December 2018

Clouds, clouds for Andrei Oid track, released in 2010, published on Modyfier on 22 May 2012

Energy for Andrei Oid remix on Alexandroid track Energy, released in 2012

Sleepless in collaboration with Iva Cvetkova for Andrei Oid, vocals Tamara Zibners, released in 2007

Commissioned video works
A special cut of The Fourth Phase video by RedBull for TEIKUMS opening party

Promotional video for Kabinetto Mosaic studio. Riga, Latvia

Riga taxi operators video review. Riga, Latvia

Video for Socintegra NGO. Riga, Latvia

January, 2010
Trailer for Vladislavs Nastavshevs theatrical performance Mitya’s Love. Riga, Latvia

Promotional video for Hey Day event at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Riga, Latvia

As a photographer
June, 2022
Poster for Oleg Bombey DJ performance at Tabu tea-room

September, 2020
Laska bar Spotify list cover photo

September 2020
Photo reportage from Laska bar
Photograph featured at the bar’s social media account

25-27 May 2018
Homeradio DJ union performance @Under festival. Riga, Latvia

May 2018
Non-touristy Amsterdam series for RU-Amsterdam Private Tours

April 2018
Series of photographs with Amsterdam views for Luba private tours. Amsterdam, Netherlands

20 August 2017
Photograph from Piena svētki festival published @ Piens cafe official Instagram page, Riga, Latvia

November 2016
Image photo session for the jewellery brand Azar Kani, including digital promotion campaign and look book. Riga, Latvia

July 2016
Reportage form Nadia Bokovikova exhibition @Dali cafe

18 June 2016
Poster photograph for Gosh DJ-set @Walters & Grapa. Riga, Latvia

27 February 2016
Photograph “Clown” published @ Walters & Grapa official Instagram page. Riga, Latvia

November 2015
Portrait for Socintegra poster “Feel It Now” promoting a photo exhibition “Pieskāriens” for blind and partially blind people

7 June 2015
Misha Luzin portrait for concert @Fiesta. Riga, Latvia

August 2014
Photographing the Apofeoz orchestra poster for performance promotion

Photographing the video advertisement’s filming by Vilks Studio, directed by Viktor VIlks (Documentary photography)

As designer
March – April 2019
Penthouse (500 sq.m.) interior design and improvement of functioning – co-work on design and coordination of implementation. Moscow, Russia.

50+ sq.m. apartment renovation in Riga suburb. Interior design and implementation.

Ink and watercolour drawings and sketches
Starting from 2016 in private collections in Riga, Latvia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Moscow and Tula, Russia; Mansfield, UK.
One of Old Riga sketches is exposed in the guest house The Second House from the River and other, “The Pergola”, in Riga Pushkin Lyceum

As a lecturer
January 2017
Lecture on documentary photography for the students of NGO Young Folks

Publication of ink as well as ink and watercolour sketches in Literature and Art Almanac Ars of Pushkin lyceum

December 2016
Publication of a photograph in the article about exhibition of Nadia Bokovikova at LSM.LV. Riga, Latvia

2016 – present
Author of articles for Wikipedia. Topics covered: Viktor Vilks, Scattered hotels (Russian version)

Freelance journalist. Articles on cultural life in Riga in,

Publication of texts and a graphic work in a literature and art almanac ARS. Riga, Latvia

Languages spoken
Russian – native, fluent
English, Latvian – fluent, C2
Spanish, German, French, Italian – communication with a dictionary