Born in Russia, raised in Latvia, initially trained as an economist with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in 2001, which was named among top-20 business schools in the world by the British financial daily The Financial Times, Anna has continuously pursued her creative career along with her occupation in a business environment, firstly as a project manager at DDB Latvia, then as an entrepreneur and translator at and own translations bureau Pros and Cons.

Design and art has always played an important role in her life since the very childhood, when she started to attend private drawing lessons and later on while studying at Riga Art School. She has visited a lot of museums and exhibitions in her young age during her trips to Moscow from Riga with her mother. During studies at Pushkin lyceum in Riga, she was a part of students, whose artworks and texts were published in the literature and art almanac ARS.

She has worked as a freelance photographer since 2000, focusing mainly on social documentary photography and reportage, with portraits and advertising photography added further on to the list till the middle of 2010s.

Experience gained from online courses and webinars, learning by doing, reading, the professional literature on design and art, work based on trials and errors as well as an exposure to the creative environment, allowed her to continuously pursue her career in design and art – starting from simple design tasks, then as a VJ and designer.

A combination of a business mindset and a taste, feeling, and understanding of design and art trends, allow Anna to work in such creative fields, like art direction, graphic design, and video, not only basing her works on the artistic expression, but also making them underlined with a profound understanding of marketing.

Along with practice, Anna continuously attends online courses as well as webinars at Barcelona design school ELISAVA, on its online educational platform Weareshifta.

In March, 2022, Anna was offered to apply for The Graphic Design master’s degree program, a two-year postgraduate degree program accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education for Universities and Research (MUR), at Accademia Italiana, one of the best art and design schools in the world.

Currently Anna works in several fields, including:

  • watercolour painting and graphic ink artworks creation
  • graphic design, developing logos and graphic standards for the enterprises
  • interior design, including a regularly updated blog “Apartment”

In case you are interested in collaboration, please, drop a line to info [@} annagabo. com