Rustic elements in a city modern apartment

Rustic elements, sometimes hand-made, sometimes manufactured, nicely fit apartments’ interiors to make a modern twist more warm. Various objects and details in rural style match well with furniture and colour palette of the interior, if chosen accurately and fit in tones, form, and texture the whole space.

Here are some of the possible details one can use to decorate a living space with a rustic feel.

Ceramic hand-painted pots with plants

These are usually sold on craftsmen markets or brought from trips to the countryside or abroad. Shades of not glazed ceramics go well with beige tones of a room. Their simple form make you feel more grounded and closer to the nature.

Rustic style floor tiles

Floor tiles in a pronounced rustic style, matte, in earthy tones also add a feeling of a countryside house, with stone elements used in its construction. Looking very cosy and comfortable, these add a relaxed note to any interior.

Woven elements of furniture

Many furniture producers offer lines in a countryside style, with fragments from natural materials incrustated on furniture surface.

Curtains laying on the floor

Long curtains laying on the floor is one more rustic interior trait. Such a style is very common in countryside houses and would remind you of some walks in the nature somewhere far away from home and would establish a connection with holidays.

Asian textile, like pillows and bed covers

Various textile products are widely popular in many stores. Indian woven carpets, pillow cases, and sofa covers — all have become an inalienable part of many apartments. These are relatively cheap, soft to the touch, and don’t require any special care.

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