Perfect match. Choosing bedding for your bedroom.

Choosing the right bedding is not as easy as it might look like from the first sight. Various internet shops full of bedding products offer a wide choice of pieces in terms of size, colour, material, and style allowing to make a purchase quite easily according to your own taste. Some are in the category like the best value for money, others are in a more luxurious segment. In several clicks you can order the products, which you really like and can afford.

However, there is no need to hurry up. And that is why. Unfortunately, making a choice of a bedding, which you just liked is not enough. There is a very tricky thing you should bear in mind before you complete your order — and that is the size of your sleeping accessories, namely pillows, duvets, as well as the size of your bed.

Taking into account only your preferences regarding the size and quantity (single or 2 singles versus 1 double in case you are choosing a bedding for the bedroom you share with your partner) of duvets is not the only thing you should bear in mind while choosing the bedding for them.

Finding a perfect fit of the bedding and the duvet — that is a real trick. If you take a ruler first and measure the size of your sleeping accessories in case you have already some and then compare to the size chart of a chosen bedding, you might be surprised how much the measurements differ! And that would be less painful if the bedding is larger that your duvets and pillows, while it might be a big disappointment if the size wouldn’t be in your favour, meaning that there wouldn’t be enough space for your duvet if placed inside the duvet cover. The same applies for the cases and bed sheets.

There are two solutions, however, for this problem. The first one is not to be a perfectionist and go for making a purchase choice even if there is a slight difference and the covers and/or pillow cases are a bit larger in size. That would take some of your time on making the calculations, but still would let you stay with your duvets and pillows (in case you have already ones you want to keep or you have chosen ones, which perfectly satisfy your expectations because of their quality, material, price). Of course, you may be a lucky one and/or persistent enough to find a perfect match as in terms of design, as well as in terms of size match.

The second option, which might be much easier, is to buy both duvets and pillows as well as covers and cases in one shop. Usually experienced producers offer a selection of all products keeping in line with their own size chart.

One of the most popular stores is IKEA, of course. There is no need to tell anything more about it.

However, there are also less known shops as well. One of the suggestions might be the shop According to information on their website, they have various products available in their shop, which perfectly match in terms of size.

You can make your own research as well and find some more producers of bedding and sleeping accessories for sure.

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