First decisions about interior renovation and redesign

First decisions about interior renovation

Interior renovation and design is a lasting process. It might take a month or several months depending on its complexity. It also may be very costly or more affordable depending on your decision, to include only basic interior renovation or some extra design elements too. All this is influenced by your budget at most.

However, there are some figures regarding the investment proportion in interior design, which varies, but still is determined in some range as a percentage of the property value as well. This topic will be covered lated on.

A living space renovation is also related to some discomfort, which might arise because of such works as wall or ceiling painting, floor covering, purchasing and bringing to the apartment new furniture. An extra dust and a lack of usual furniture during some time might disturb, especially if you live yourself in the apartment during the reconstruction process.

If you have already made a decision to go for a new design, it is also worth considering several aspects more.

One of the important decisions before realising an idea of apartment’s interior design, is whether to hire a professional designer or make all design decisions on your own, based on personal taste and knowledge.

The pros for hiring a designer would be such factors like quality of work and shorter time of a renovation, while the cons could be a difficulty to find a “right” designer, which style and attitude would be close to you, as well as an amount of fee, which you would have to pay besides the expenses on materials and design elements if you do everything yourself. For sure, there are also some difficult works like floor covering, which most probably would require a specialist and incur extra costs, since you cannot do completely everything yourself. These are not expenses on a designer’s salary however.

In case you have decided to realise the interior reconstruction and design project yourself without help of a hired designer, it is worth considering several more question, for example, your presence in the living space. Definitely, it could be vital and would add some extra charm and warmth to the final result, since it would allow you to not only apply theoretical knowledge in the field of interior design, but also to be able to feel the apartment first, letting the experience of living in it make you a right decision regarding the budget, the colour palette, and the style before you start your interior renovation works. Of course, it depends on your working schedule. As it was already said before, the complicated side of it would be some lack of comfort for a period of renovation and some feeling of “living in a reconstruction mode”.

Whichever way you have chosen, it is important to understand that the ambiance of a place is influenced by many factors, and the location of the property, proximity to the infrastructure objects, your neighbours, view out of the window, and even the floor are among these. All these external factors combined with the purpose of renovation, which will be covered later on, could also have an impact on how your apartment will look like in the end.

Last, but not least. If your believe that you have all the necessary skills and can do most of the things yourself, it is important to take into account that your workload (at a paid job as a hired employee or with your projects if your are a self-employed person) will define the length of your reconstruction process — the more free time you have, the faster you will move.

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