Door signs and hotel’s name board for the hotel “2nd House from the River” located in Riga, Latvia

An idea was to create the door signs for the hotel designed in a contemporary eclectic style using the mixture of minimalist and classic details, and a touch of rustic aesthetics. It is distinct with its local charm and characteristics, including the traditional wooden architecture of its building and its emphasis on the interior design with old, antique elements found in the house, made or refurbished in Riga.

An assignment was to create the door signs based on the squared pieces of material, which would represent letters somehow put together.

The colour palette of white, black, and light wood colour was chosen to correspond with the colours used in the interior decoration of the hotel, so that the mixture of contemporary black and white style and a rustic laths in the door signs would correspond with the eclectic style of the hotel premises, while small black and white letters would stand out and look vivid on the background formed by modest grey-white-brown-black palette of the interior. The glass tiles were chosen as the material for the letters, which were painted in black first. The letters were drawn on them further on using the white acrylic paint. Put in a simple minimalist way in two raws, the letters were set on the pieces of lath, which was toned in a rustic distorted style in white colour.

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A hotel’s name board made from the hand-painted tiles with letters written on them, framed. Location: shared space use by all visitors.

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