Photo reportage by Anna Gabo from Laska bar

These photographs were taken in Laska Bar, a very cosy and friendly place located in Riga. As a photographer Anna Gabo not often goes for reportage photography. However, when she does this, she does it in her own way. She thinks that photography should be made in a way of not disturbing the regular way of things. In other words, she prefers to be unnoticed. Usually she does not try on the role of the photographer, which presence is obvious at the event. Her style and intention is not to make everyone aware of her making the photographs at the party. That is why also this time Anna decided to make such kind of a photo reportage in the Laska bar.

It was a rainy Saturday on the 5th of September. The weather influenced the mood of the evening in the beginning, but then the music won over the climate and it was really funny at the end. The photographs presented are the selection of the best photos made by the digital camera without a flash, which added to this photo reportage from Laska bar some vivid and natural touch. Please, take your time to enjoy this photo reportage by Anna Gabo.

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